Storage & Release Info

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 We store vehicles in one of two lots depending on the location and reason for the tow. Generally if your vehicle was towed from Durham County it will be stored in the Durham County lot; likewise if your vehicle is towed from Orange County it will be stored in the Orange County lot. For all other counties and to confirm your vehicle's location
please call our facility at (919) 382-5583. 

Storage rates vary based on the reason the vehicle was towed; as some law enforcement agencies require we charge a certain amount when they contact us to remove a vehicle. Again please call our office if you would like to know more about the charges for storage.
Release Policy

If we have towed your vehicle to our facility and it is in storage please be sure to bring proper identification to prove the vehicle is yours along with a form of payment when you come to pick up your vehicle. Vehicles will not be released to anyone other than the owner of the vehicle and not until all towing and storage fees are paid in full. Also please note that for most vehicles in our storage lots we will not release the vehicle after 5pm Monday through Friday or anytime Saturday and Sunday. If you are able to make arrangements with our staff for vehicle release during non-business hours, then you will be charged an after hours fee included with your total bill.

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