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Our state of the art fleet of equipment and experienced crew allows us to ensure a job well done. You expect results — we deliver.

No matter the time, we’re ready to help.


If you need any size/type of vehicle towed we can handle it. We can take your vehicle to any repair facility or residence that you choose.

Fuel Delivery

Run out of gas? No problem. Give us a call and we will bring you a few gallons of gasoline. Please be sure to let us know specifically if you need diesel as it is not regularly stocked on our trucks, but is available.

Door Unlocks

If you have locked your keys in your car give us a call and we will come let you in your vehicle using safe and effective equipment.

Tire Changes

If you get a flat tire, we are able to come out and change your tire as well as fill tires with air. Please note, we do not plug, repair or sell tires at this time.

Battery Service

If your vehicle’s battery is unable to get you started, we can get you going again. Our drivers are not only equipped to jump start your vehicle, but also have testers that can tell you what is causing the loss of power. We are also able to sell you a battery and install it on scene.*

Accident Recovery

If your vehicle is stuck in the mud, unable to get up a hill, or any situation where one or more of your vehicles tires are off the ground; then we can certainly help you get your vehicle back on the road and on your way. We are able to recover most vehicles depending on the individual circumstance.

Illegally Parked/ Abandoned Cars

If you have a problem with someone parked illegally or an abandoned vehicle left on your property, please give us a call and we will get out to remove the vehicle as soon as possible.

Penske Truck Rental

Need a rental truck? We are the #1 rental truck dealer in Durham, North Carolina. Our experienced staff is happy to assist you with all your rental truck needs.

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